Friday, October 17, 2014

ISTE Literacy PLN / Newsletter - Lit TECH Times: Volume 1, Issue 1 - Octorber, 2014

Lit TECH Times: Volume 1, Issue 1- October 2014The Literacy Professional Learning Network (formerly, the Literacy Special Interest Group) is pleased to kick off the 2014/2015 school year with the following announcements:

#ISTELitChat LAUNCH  Beginning Sunday, 10/19/2014, 8PM/EST the ISTE Literacy PLN will moderate a twitter chat on literacy and technology to promote learning. Join us for the conversation using the hashtag #ISTELitchat. All are welcome. We will hold monthly twitter chats with the hashtag #ISTELitChat
addressing trending topics related to literacy and technology moderated by the ISTE Literacy PLN and other noteworthy guest educators. Are you new to twitter?

Check out:

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning's Twitter for Educators Beginner's Guide


Edudemic's Teacher's Guide to Twitter  

LITERACY JOURNAL SUBMISSIONS REQUESTED The PLN is actively looking for articles to include in its next issue of Literacy Special Interest, its own professional journal. The journal publishes articles by literacy teachers and those who support them that are written in an accessible style and that address important issues in Technology Supported Literacy Instruction. This is a great opportunity to get your ideas and your voice published.

Those interested in submitting articles for inclusion in the journal should first submit a summary to, putting the words "Journal Article Summary" in the subject of the email. On receiving feedback from the journal, prospective submitters may complete and submit a full manuscript. We hope to get the upcoming Issue #3 out before the first of the year.


The PLN Leadership Committee is planning additional professional development activities, like a book study. More on this soon.

Would you like to suggest a book study for the PLN to run? Or perhaps help run it? Would you care to help create a Literacy Instruction Webinar with the PLN?

We’d be very interested in your participation in helping the Leadership Committee produce an event.


You’ll find a podcast, along with some text-based info, on the PLN’s Birds of a Feather session held at the ISTE Conference this past June. For this session the PLN partnered with CAST (Center for Applied Special Technology) to highlight CAST’s new resource UDIO. UDIO promises to be an important resource to promote and improve Middle School Reading and Writing Skills (with applications for lower and higher grades, as well). Follow this link to the PLN’s blog post detailing the session and providing a link to the session’s Podcast >>>

The podcast features an in-depth interview with Graham Gardner, Research Associate at CAST, who describes UDIO and how teachers can become involved in using it.

Please check the PLN blog ( ) for future podcasts and other special items from the PLN.
The PLN has applied to the ISTE Conference Committee to present a special session at the upcoming ISTE Conference in Philadelphia this coming June.

Hopefully, an upcoming issue of this newsletter will carry information about the session, its time and date, and inviting you to attend.

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Literacy Professional Learning NETWORK Leadership Committee:

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Suzanne Buhner
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