Sunday, June 28, 2015

Literacy Special Interest Issue #4

#4 - Annual Conference Issue - June 2015
The Journal of ISTE's
LITERACY Professional Learning Network
#4 - Annual Conference Issue

Table of Contents
1) Up Front
By Mark Gura –
Page 4

2) Read Something. Be Inspired. Act – Page 5

By Erin Olson

3) The Digital Media Project Head Fake – Page 9
By Mike Guldal

4) 100 Word Challenge: Improving Writing Through Online Feedback – Page13
By Julia Skinner

 Show Film Classics to Engage and Enlighten Students in Text Faithfulness and Historical Accuracy
By Dr. Rose Reissman -
Page 17

6) Digitally literate youth:  Supporting literacy development in 1:1 environments – Page 21
By Michael L. Manderino, PhD. and Paula M. Di Domenico, EdD.

7) Improving Word Study - Moving Beyond Paper and Pencil to Transformative Educational Technology - Page 32
By Lynnea West and Tiffany Nielsen-Winkelman


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The LITERACY Professional Learning Network of ISTE
presents its annual Listen and Learn Panel session for the
2015 ISTE Conference in Philadelphia

Literacy Resources and Practices with Special Promise
Tuesday, June 30, 4:00–5:00 pm
PCC 120A

This year the PLN is pleased to highlight the following
Resources and Representatives:

Buncee / Claire Cucchi
Create, Present and Share Engaging Multimedia : Simply drag and drop multimedia onto your canvas

Shawn Young
Make Learning and Adventure: Transform your classroom into an immersive game, played with your students throughout the semester or year.
ThinkCERCA/ Eileen Murphy
Courageous Thinking: Build students’ close reading, writing, and critical thinking skills across subjects.
WONDEROPOLOS/ Brittany Howell
Explore the world of wonders

Session Description: What’s new, exciting and inspiring in literacy instruction? Members of the ISTE Literacy PLN and invited guests will discuss technology-based resources and practices with high potential to improve and transform learning and teaching. Leave this session with ideas, insights and resources ready to impact your classroom and practice.

The PLN reached out to its membership for suggestions based on direct experience for resources and practices to include in this session. The leadership committee selected the very most significant of these for inclusion and a spirited presentation and discussion of these. Particular attention has been paid to easy to use, impactful, and free or low cost options, as well as practices that make the most of them.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Join the ISTE Literacy PLN's Summer Book Study!

This will be a great opportunity for summer reading fun, as we enrich our understanding of  the dynamics of teaching. And if you haven't participated in a Twitter Chat format event before, here's a great opportunity for that!

More info? Go to: