Saturday, February 27, 2016

Literacy Special Interest JOURNAL Issue #5

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Table of Contents

Up Front
By Mark Gura, Editor                                                            
Page 4
Coding for Literacy                                                 
By Joel Heffner
Page 5

Scaffolding Presentation Skills with eduBuncee, a Multimedia Creation Tool
 by  Ferancesca Arturi and Claire Cucci                           
Page 15
Wonderopolis® as a Versatile Digital Learning Tool        
By Brittany Howell and Lindsay Sainlar
Page 21
Level Up Literacy!                                                   
By Shawn Young 
Page 29
Listening to the Dead and Famous: How English and Social Studies Teachers Can
Make Speaking and Listening Come Alive                        

By Dr. Rose Reissman6b.
Author Inspirational Voice
(student work submitted by Dr. Reissman                                        
By Jannatul Yesmin
Page 32

Page 37

Using “Just Right Books” to Enhance Early Literacy Instruction
By Kristi Meeuwse, Dr. Diane Mason, and Dr. Kaye Shelton 

Page 38
The Bronx Book Blog: Blogging to Develop and Support Writing Teachers
By Erica Newhouse                                                               

Page 43
Engage Me! Building Family Connections Through Digital Storytelling
Family, Student, School, Community
By Blanca Duarte, Toni Kinnear, Carol Varsalona,
and Kris Yturraspe
NOTE: This article appeared previously in The English Record. It was originally published there, and is reprinted here under permission, by the New York State English Council.
Page 49

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