Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Actively Learn: Literacy Special Interest PODCAST Episode #20

Actively Learn:PODCAST Episode #20 May take a few seconds to load...  https://soundcloud.com/markgura/activelylearn

In this episode. Host, Mark Gura, shares his interview with
Jay Goyal, Co-founder of Actively Learn, a powerful literacy learning resource. Actively Learn was one of just 4 resources that the Literacy Professional Learning Network highlighted in its session at the 2016 Annual ISTE Conference as having special promise for technology-supported Literacy Instruction.

Listen to find out about this resource that promises to reduce student struggles in Reading Comprehension by helping teachers give them the correct support and better help them focus on constructing meaning while they read. Actively Learn can be used to help students to improve  thinking, writing, and collaborating skills through interactions inside the text that encourage deeper engagement.

As mentioned in the interview….
Take a Look at Actively Learn: Activelylearn.com 
Overcome the Limitations of Paper. Reading comprehension is hard. It requires a vast store of knowledge, skills specific to reading, and persistence when struggling. Cognitive research has established the critical practices to improve reading comprehension, yet two-thirds of all students still fail to understand what they read.

The reason is simple: the best practices are impossible to implement on paper.

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