Monday, May 18, 2015

Great Presentation on Literacies, Their State and Their Impact - from Keynoter, Buffy Hamilton

CU Boulder Symposium Keynote: Literacies for Every Season of Their Lives April 2015 from Buffy Hamilton (Slide player may take a few seconds to load)

Wow! What a great Slideshare Keynote from teacher-librarian, Buffy Hamilton! I am just one of many librarians and teachers in her PLN who have been following, learning, and practicing in our libraries from all her innovative posts on technology, literacy, books and reading.   Buffy Hamilton has been blogging for over twelve years and is the voice of The Unquiet Librarian.  I have been avidly following Buffy since she was a high school librarian and teacher at Creekview High School in Canton, Georgia.  Buffy spent time as the Learning Strategist for the Cleveland Public Library in Cleveland, Ohio.  Now, she continues moving and shaking at Norcross High in the Gwinnett County Public School District where she models and blogs to the world of educators, students, parents, and librarians her passion for literacy and learning in all of its forms. There is so much to be excited about in this SlideShare, Literacies for Every Season of their Lives.  Buffy and an English teacher collaborate to enhance student learning and literacy step by step through a presearch and (re)search process, refining inquiry through questions, information source evaluation, writing, and collaborative work (individual, small group or large group.) This Slideshare encompasses great ideas, documents, and photos illustrating the curiosity of her students, how they scaffold their information literacy skills, and their reflection on their skills and learning--how they become their own information filters.  

Buffy Hamilton’s work is important for all of us. She uses many models of inquiry and learning in education (Stripling, Kuhlthau, Pappas and Teppe, UBD, etc.).  Buffy’s teaching and learning translates into collaborative knowledge building for her students. Her collaboration and work is easily tailored for K-12--hence the title, Literacies for Every Season of their Lives.  Hamilton’s methods of teaching and learning in the classroom and library empower students for learning, college readiness, and life. Students are excited and rewarded through the many literacies explored in their projects! Take the time to revel in this timely post and Buffy’s Links of Interest under the SlideShare post.

BJ Neary

Retired Teacher Librarian

ISTE Literacy Network