Saturday, February 11, 2012

Episode #2: “Author Study for the Connected Classroom”

Featuring - Host, Mark Gura's exclusive interview with T.A. Barron, author of The Lost Years of Merlin.

Episode Segments:

1) Mark and Susanna Livingston discuss Teaching With Author Websites - Using T.A. Barron's website resources for teaching and learning - Studying & learning from Kurt Vonnegut's new biography and Vonnegut YouTube resources - and more… Segment Starts @ 3:18

2) Short Takes: News and Developments in Literacy Learning with Resource Recommendations:

a) Using the
Computer/Video Game MACHINARIUM to foster Literacy Learning... Segment Starts @ 19:07
b) Virtual, FREE Author Visits to Classrooms via SKYPE... Segment Starts @  21:32
c) Author Study Improving Reading Comprehension, a tech-supported practice from Read – Write - Think… Segment Starts @23:49

*3) Exclusive, in-depth Interview with author T.A. Barron, a well-known young peoples’ authors who has written and published over 30 books, including picture books and series of novels. One of his Merlin novels is currently being made into a movie by Warner Brothers. Mr. Barron offers observations and sound, inspiring advice on fostering literacy learning in our classrooms...
 Segment Starts @ 29:18 SUGGESTION: Download and listen to Episode #2 in iTunes to monitor segment start times!
- “How to Write a Good Short Story”
Vonnegut reveals “how to do it” in 8 brilliant points delivered in 90 seconds!
- “How To Get A Job Like Mine” (LITERARY DISCOURSE series)
Vonnegut gives his highly memorable (and absolutely brilliant, hearteningly irreverent( advice to young writers.
- Host, Mark Gura’s blog
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COMING SOON… Episode # 3, featuring an inspiring interview with Educator/Author, Bernard Percy  who coached his 5th Grade Students in writing the book "How to Grow a Child"