Sunday, June 28, 2015

Literacy Special Interest Issue #4

#4 - Annual Conference Issue - June 2015
The Journal of ISTE's
LITERACY Professional Learning Network
#4 - Annual Conference Issue

Table of Contents
1) Up Front
By Mark Gura –
Page 4

2) Read Something. Be Inspired. Act – Page 5

By Erin Olson

3) The Digital Media Project Head Fake – Page 9
By Mike Guldal

4) 100 Word Challenge: Improving Writing Through Online Feedback – Page13
By Julia Skinner

 Show Film Classics to Engage and Enlighten Students in Text Faithfulness and Historical Accuracy
By Dr. Rose Reissman -
Page 17

6) Digitally literate youth:  Supporting literacy development in 1:1 environments – Page 21
By Michael L. Manderino, PhD. and Paula M. Di Domenico, EdD.

7) Improving Word Study - Moving Beyond Paper and Pencil to Transformative Educational Technology - Page 32
By Lynnea West and Tiffany Nielsen-Winkelman


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