Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Number 3 - Spring 2015
The Journal of ISTE's
LITERACY Professional Learning Network
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  1. Up Front
    By Mark Gura -
    Page 4 
  2. Storytelling, Discussion, & Analysis: Twitter As a Classroom Tool for Middle School Students
    By Michele L. Haiken, Ed.D. – Page 5
  3. Video First: Presenting Content as Video before Presenting It as Text = Literacy Learning Results
    By Dr. Rose Reissman – Page 13
  4. Literacy in 3d  
    By Robert Quinn – Page 20
  5. Technology Transforms a Literacy Coach’s Debriefing Session
    By Susan Sabella! – Page 24
  6. A New, Dynamic Literacy Framework to Accelerate Literacy Learning
    By Lynnea West –
    Page 32
  7. Persuasive Writing, Technology, and Animal Rescue
    By Amanda Xavier –
    Page 37
  8. Turning Up the HEAT on Literacy:  Making Connections with the CCSS and ISTE Standards
    by Evelyn Wassel, Ed.D. – Page 43
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